Gnutti Carlo organizational chart.

Further to the above sites, the Gnutti Group has a supplementary sales office in Germany to support our customer base in the local market.
Our footprint can be summarized here below.

Our organization is truly global, covering six countries in three continents.
Latest addition to our organization is Gnutti India Powertrain & Castings PVT Ltd. in Chennai, with the purpose of expanding the Gnutti Group in Asia and serve local customers as well as exploring purchasing initiatives in this market.

Company profiles

The Gnutti Carlo Product Line Of Engine Components

The line of engine components manufactured includes :
• Lifter assembles
• Rocker arm assemblies
• Valve bridges
• Lifter group assemblies (for one cylinder)
• Rocker arm group assemblies (for one cylinder)
• Complete lifter train assemblies (for several cylinders)
• Complete rocker arm train assemblies (for several cylinders)
• Our product range is expanding with the recent introduction of high-pressure fuel system components

The manufacturing process takes advantage of Group synergy. In fact, another Gnutti division is involved with the manufacture of transfer machine tools. In house knowledge of both the component manufacturing process and the engineering of transfer machines allows the development of high performance production lines that impact positively on the cost of the final product and on the absolute certainty of the final product quality.


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