The GNUTTI CARLO technical department provides GNUTTI customers the support of its "Liaison Engineers" who work in co-design with the customer at the development of new products.


All activities related to the development of new products from the design to the realisation of prototypes and the performance of fatigue tests are performed at GNUTTI under the responsibility of technicians dedicated to the customer.

These specialists also work in team with our quality, purchasing and sales people on very challenging cost reduction programs designing and testing own developed alternative technical solutions for the components already in production.

They also test and approve alternative materials and suppliers through test programs based on the customers' specifications. PRO E and PRO MECHANICA, FEA and the fatigue test equipment are the daily tooling of our Liaison engineers.

Furthermore, we have established resident engineers at many of our customers, to provide immediate and continuous support, further enhancing the relationship and partner status.


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